go vote!

Musical comedy GO VOTE! takes place on election day in a gym that is decorated for the occasion as ‘polling station’. The polling station is run by two voluntary ladies (Sylvia and Beatrice). Everything goes smoothly until a young man (Jim) in the voting booth doesn’t come out anymore.

  • Challenge in designing the décor was to depict, with limited budget, as effectively as possible a local gym. In addition, the voting booth needed specific attention, as a large part of the play is concentrated on it. The fact that the entire decor had to be moved from one festival to another in the small van of the production lady made the challenge even greater.   The recognizable lines of a gym floor in combination with wooden rings on the ceiling made an universal representation of a(small) village gym. By making the complete décor plain grey, the uniformity and somewhat dreary character of election day are emphasized. The (sports)lines are taped on a truck tarpaulin which is cut out parabolic to enhance the spatial effect.   In the original design illuminating stars (referring to the stars in the American flag) were integrated in the wooden rings to provide the climax of the play with some additional firework, but those were eventually left out to cut the costs. The voting booth is made of translucent lexan plastic that lights up when Jim is talking.

  • location
    Rotterdam | Utrecht | Amsterdam | The Hague
    Vecht lach werk en bewonder theaterproducties
    Hengelveld Timmert Rotterdam
    Sjoerd Kelderman | Maarten Meester
    Janneke Lindner - projectmanager
    Ard de Vries - designer
    Maarten Meester - designer
    Thomas Hengelveld - craftsman